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Functional Art

Olive Wood Cheeseboards

Olive Wood Cheeseboards

The extraordinary pattern of the grain makes each olive wood board unique. These... 

Resin Heart Cheeseboards

Resin Heart Cheeseboards

Exquisite heart-shaped cheeseboards with a unique heart design with a curved tip... 

Stunning functional art for your home

Make an impact the next time you're entertaining by displaying your food and drink upon high-quality resin art homewares. You're guests will be stunned by the display and be envious of your easy yet stylish way of bringing people together.

Wall Art

About WildArt

This store is for the fierce, the free and the wild. Those who love life and fill it with the most important pieces; family and friends. WildArt's mission is to make those precious moments that add up to a lifetime all that more special.

  • Quality

    WildArt only uses the highest quality of resin and pigments when creating pieces for your home. The products are food-safe, UV resistant, heat resistant (for coasters) and zero VOC's.

  • Local

    WildArt strives to support local Australian business where possible when purchasing items for the business. All artworks are created in a small studio located in Doreen, VIC.

  • Professional

    WildArt products are finished to a professional standard. This includes the experience of the artist, clean smooth backs of the boards and strong communication skills with customers.

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  • Corporate

    Proudly creating stunning settlement gifts for volume builder; Orana by Balcon, Sarah Drew Real Estate and Open Doors Real Estate.

  • Custom

    Custom orders accepted through all seasons of the year. Choose your own colours, metallic finish and cheeseboard shape.

  • Ready made

    All products listed on the website are pre made and ready for immediate shipment.

  • Collections - Limited

    A limited collection means only a certain number of products will be made. Once they're gone, they're gone!